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it's the question that drives us

I know the answer is forty-two

A. Askew
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anivad, a.k.a. anakin mcfly. 25. singaporean. writer. musician. web designer. programmer. graphic artist. amateur philosopher. student. gamer. fan. ability to capitalise letters: corrupted by zachary quinto.


movies: back to the future, the matrix, star wars, star trek 2009, moon
tv: fringe, heroes, battlestar galactica 2004
books: the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, harry potter
games: world in conflict, age of empires 2, red alert 2, minesweeper
actors: keanu reeves, michael j. fox, zachary quinto, sam rockwell, misha collins

S T A Y I N G  A L I V E  T O

find meaning. find purpose. find truth. defend truth. fight for justice. admit failures. strive for success. use lower-case. act pretentious. share knowledge. find answers. find myself. create. grow. learn. it is the question that drives us.

W E B M A S T E R  O F

F A N F I C  N O V E L S
THE KENSELTON TRILOGY (Multi-fandom crossovers, generally stand-alones):

Fandoms: Back to the Future, The Matrix, Star Wars, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Frighteners
Synopsis: Several characters get zapped into the real world and have to deal with each other and the discovery that they're fictional.
Word Count: 107,417
Written: 2003-2006

Fandoms: Keanu Reeves' films.
Synopsis: Several Keanu characters get transported to a mysterious hotel in an obscure part of the multiverse, and have to learn to work together if they are ever to get out. Personality clashes, chaos and hilarity ensue.
Word Count: 66,421
Written: 2005-2010

Fandoms: Zachary Quinto's films and TV work.
Synopsis: A bunch of ZQ characters are trapped in a hotel and have to survive each other. Tragedy ensues, because one of them is a psychopathic serial killer who just wants to be special.
Word Count: 62,506
Written: March - August 2010

O T H E R  S P A C E S

Homepage: Sideways From Eternity

Tumblr: http://anivad42.tumblr.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/anivad42

FanFiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/~anakinmcfly

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/anakinmcfly

Casting Our Whoas Aside (discontinued webcomic):cowa_comic

Ancient community with recipes for cooking celebrities: eating_celebs

Massgate World in Conflict account: http://www.massgate.net/profile.php?0,314808

RP: Mun for bisexualfury (Smudge), thereisnowhoa (Neo), nonheinous (Ted 'Theodore' Logan), adam_kaufman (Adam Kaufman) and pizzaforlunch (Conor O'Neill). That's three characters played by Keanu Reeves and two played by Zachary Quinto. Feel free to judge me.

Icontest winnage compilation: http://anivad.livejournal.com/1266109.html

Useful Thing I Found: LJ's Six Degrees of Separation

Sasan mood theme by likefluffy
Previously member of Team Fringe at the final phase of jjverse
42, age of empires 2, agnostic theism, alan silvestri, archiving things, arthur dent, asterix, back to the future, battlestar galactica, bill and ted, bisexual guinea pigs, black holes, calvin and hobbes, carrie fisher, carrie-anne moss, christopher lloyd, computer programming, crashing into mountains, crispin glover, defenestration, deja vu, dexter, douglas adams, ewan mcgregor, existentialism, fan fiction, ford prefect, frank bannister, freaking people out, fringe, gaining weight, going for detention, green bottles, h2g2, han solo, hans zimmer, harrison ford, harry potter, heroes, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, hugo weaving, humour/angst, john williams, jumping on sofas, keanu reeves, keanu's ruptured spleen, killing teletubbies, lea thompson, lgbt rights, life on mars, lightsabers, llamas, looking anorexic, luke skywalker, mark hamill, martin freeman, marty mcfly, michael j. fox, milo ventimiglia, minesweeper, minesweeper fan fiction, misha collins, moon, mos def, movie soundtracks, movies, music, nanowrimo, not doing homework, oboes, oldham library tamil section, oxymorons, parallel universes, peter petrelli/everyone, photosynthesising turtles, pointless trivia, powerpoint movies, procrastinating, quantum physics, r2-d2, reading dictionaries, reading phone directories, red alert, robots named gerty, runescape, sam rockwell, science fiction, science-fiction-trilogy actors, sleeping, spaceballs, spinach, spontaneous combustion, spontaneously combusting, star trek, star wars, stephen king, synesthesia, taking over the world, the chronicles of narnia, the force, the frighteners, the matrix, the sims, the space-time continuum, the twilight zone, time travel, towels, trying this at home, trying to make websites, uh..., virtual reality, vogon poetry, warping reality, weather reports, web design, windshield wipers, wing commander, world in conflict, wormholes, writing, yoda, zachary quinto, zooey deschanel


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